Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Goals

I'm not usually one to do New Year resolutions, however this year I've decided to set myself a series of goals to achieve over the year. Let's get right to them!

- Create 52 Videos. 
I have a Youtube channel with 46 videos on it, 82,500 views and 372 subscribers. In a bid to produce more regular content I'm setting myself the task of creating 52 videos over the year. This is with the intention of making them weekly, however if I miss a week I'm allowing myself to catch up a video. I've decided this is the year to start using visual aids to help me keep organised, so to keep me on track I've created a 52 box check sheet that I can cross off and a year calender which I've broken down into easy to view weeks.

- Gig more.
Since getting my car last year I've gigged up and down the country, however not as much as I would have liked to. A general lack of funds has hindered my travels. I moved out of my parents and got a car (and also performed at the Fringe for a month) all in the same year, so money has been tight. Thankfully, as of next week I'm going to be working full time, which means more money for gigs! To help me feel more focussed and organised I've created gig contact sheets allowing me to record when I've contacted and performed at certain gigs as well as record their appropriate contact details and venue information. 

- Reach 2000 subscribers on my Youtube Channel. 
372 people have subscribed to my channel allowing them to be updated about my new content. Those 372 have built up since August 2010. I intend to reach 2000 by the end of 2013 (maybe I should reach 2013?). That's 125 new subscribers every 4 weeks totalling 1628 new people over the year. Is it possible? Yes. In September last year I set myself the target of getting 60 subscribers in that month. Because I had set myself the target I did it, and I managed it in 3 weeks. I then stopped trying to get subscribers in the 4th week because I had already achieved what I had set out to do, rubbish! 2000 might seem high, but it's purposefully high.

- Do 2 exercises every day.
We all have this one don't we? Well I think I've cracked it. I'm trying the 'Don't Break the Chain' system created by Jerry Seinfeld (and introduced to me by Charlie McDonald on Youtube). The original idea behind it was to improve success in creative endeavours such as writing. The idea is simple and completely psychological, you set yourself a simple task and set out to complete it every day, crossing off the day on a calender when you have completed it. The idea is to not break the chain. In my case I'm using it for easy exercises, just 2 exercises a day. For example yesterday I did some squats and some crunches, it took me 20 minutes. 20 minutes a day is 2 hours 20 minutes a week more than I was doing before. I'll let you know how it goes! If it works I plan to use the same technique for my writing. 

Aside from the exercise goal, the other 3 have one larger goal in mind: to be seen by more people, to entertain more people and to become better at what I am doing. 

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