Sunday, 19 February 2012

Me, Interval, then Frankie Boyle.

The following is a long lost blog post, originally writen on the 18th October 2011.
I've done a spot of traveling over the past 2 months. At the start of September I went down to London to perform Downstairs at The Kings Head. It was a great gig with a full room of people up for comedy, but I tell you 2 days worth of traveling is a lot for 5 minutes stage time. Got the coach down and back and stayed in Witham with my friend Chloe (who definitely helped make all the traveling bearable) so between 2 coaches, 2 trains and 3 tube journeys I was traveling over 17 hours in 2 days. The 5 minutes were excellent though. I had booked it about 5 months previous with the aim of doing a gig in London, I came home feeling it was worth it.

I have just done 2 nights at The Stand in Scotland, last night in Edinburgh, tonight in Glasgow (writing this on a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh to get the train back to Newcastle at 5:40am, good times). The gigs were amazing, both of them, but Glasgow especially. At a guess I'd say 200 people packed into the room all of them wanting to laugh. My 10 minute set both nights went excellent (only 5 hours on trains over 2 days for 20 minutes stage time, so much better!). To top the night off we had Frankie Boyle closing the Glasgow show, quite a nice surprise! The lineup went me, interval, then Frankie Boyle. Crazy.

I've spent the 2 days with Jack Gardner who was also a nice surprise to find in the lineups! We've had quite the epic time hanging out, writing, analysing and performing together the last 2 days. Much like my friend Chloe did in London, even if the gigs were terrible the company would have made it worth it. I should mention again the gigs were amazing, tonight is probably the best room I've played.

I have a 4 hour window in Edinburgh to get some sleep, I feel my usual post gig high may hinder this. Work tomorrow could be fun.


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