Saturday, 17 September 2011


So it's been a while and I have some catching up to do! These future blog posts are going to be covering things almost in reverse order, not completely unlike how the Star Wars saga turned out. So a teaser of things to come: Edinburgh! London! A gig with strippers in Gateshead! Stay tuned.
But tonight (it's 1:20am) I am going to write about today's gig at the Boardwalk (my first gig in my home town of Whitley Bay!) and the gong show I did in Preston before the Fringe. Tonight I had a feeling of accomplishment that was last strongest when I won the Frog and Bucket, so let's talk about that first!

The Frog and Bucket is a gong show in Preston which I won (joint won technically) to the maddest cheer off I've experienced. I've mentioned this on my YouTube channel (you can watch the video of my 5 minutes above) but I feel I need to write about it more in depth because it felt insane. After everyone has performed the people who did not get gonged off are brought back to the stage for a crowd cheer off. The winner is decided by who gets the biggest cheer. 7 people out the original 10 were on stage and after a few rounds of cheering my lovely comedian friend Nat Wicks came third leaving me and another chap on stage. I had got enough cheers for me to get to the last two but his previous cheers had been larger than mine so I thought he had won. Turns out that a lot of Nat cheers converted into Graham cheers and the cheer off from then on was crazy. Without exaggerating, we had at least 5 rounds of cheers because it was so close, each time the cheering getting louder and more insane. Never before have I stood in such a bewildering situation where you were getting an overwhelming amount of appreciation. The cheers grew every round and were matched every time, we had exactly half the audience each it seemed, and so it was a draw. The reason I'm writing about this now is because I was on a massive high for pretty much the entire journey home and the same high is what has me awake at 1:35am tonight (am I a slow typer? At least 10 of the last minutes have been thinking time!)

Myself, Howard and Nat managed to rate the feeling from that night as a 7.5 out of 10. Doesn't sound amazing but when you take 8 being, I don't know, getting married or something similar and you take 9 as the best thing ever (marriage isn't a 9? It's a made up scale! Don't nit pick), and 10 is of course impossible (because a feeling of such perfection would probably destroy the universe, or something) then it's pretty good.

I'm at the 7.5 stage now. Maybe 7.45, it's a difficult scale to figure out. I performed at the Boardwalk tonight and had made the decision to make some brand new material (only tried once) as my opening. This added to the nerves quite a bit, my original nerves stemming from the first act not doing very well and having seen a couple of people die and another nearly punch a heckler on previous nights. After the first laugh it was plain sailing however, the beginning of the set was almost in a different league to the rest. The beginning of my set has never been very good (as I was rightly told in Edinburgh by George and Dan) so to have such a strong start tonight feels absolutely amazing. If I keep upgrading my set I will have a set a step above what I have now and this excites me a lot.

After the gig in Preston I had a group of people tell me I should have won outright and that they were cheering their faces off for me, which of course is a lovely thing to hear. Tonight I had so many people come up to me and tell me how good I did, it does feel fantastic.

Why have I just written this? Not completely for you I'm afraid, it's partly as something I can look back on and remind myself what I can achieve and how good it can feel. I took a chance and it worked. If I'm reading this in the future, I hope you're doing well! Remember when you wrote this at 2am that morning after that gig in Whitley Bay and you had to be up in 6 hours for work? Yeah, you're an idiot sometimes. I'm off to bed.

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