Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Supporting Jason Cook - A full weekend of comedy

There's my name! Wrong photo though...
Check out my Radio Teesdale interview about my comedy, Edinburgh Show and supporting Jason Cook: http://www.canstream.co.uk/radioteesdale/index.php?id=1314

It's been a busy weekend of comedy! Friday night I did a charity gig at St Dominics (mostly awkward). Saturday night I supported Jason Cook at Funny Way to Be (amazing) and Sunday night I previewed my Edinburgh Show at Pandemonium (noisy but a good laugh).
Let's just sum up Friday nights gig by saying that one act got through very little material due to hecklers, another was very quietly recieved, another even told the audience how flat they were and another almost elicited aggression. A very awkard atmosphere with tension thrown in for good measure. The MC did great though.
Saturday Night I was MC for Jason Cook's Edinburgh Preview show 'The Search for Happiness' at the Witham in Barnard Castle. This night is probably my favourite night of comedy so far, not just becasue I was supporting one of my favourite comedians but becasue the entire room was amazing. Probably my largest most responsive audience yet, loved it. I MC'ed 10mins at the start, Jason did half an hour, we had a break then I MC'ed for another 5 mins before Jason did his preview show. Basically, Jason supported his own preview with me bookending it! I threw in a nice mix of material and audience interaction which was a lot of fun with a room excited to play along (mostly. 'Terry' the trainee astronaught made for interesting banter for the two of us). Jason was as good as always and I can't wait to see the final show at the fringe.
Always with the hand gestures.
Photo by Eva Zandman.  
Have I mentioned I'm doing a Fringe show? Me and Sean previewed our material on Sunday night, well I say previewed, the set up made things a little tricky. Apparently the manager behind the bar was stapling things to the wall for a few minutes but either due to the general bar chatter or my intense focus on the audience I didn't hear it. It was good fun though and well recieved. I think I went for 1/3 material the rest improvised, so not really a preview of what my Edinburgh show will be although it will involve a certain amount of audience interaction to get the show started.

It's been a fun weekend with the Funny Way to Be gig being the highlight. I kind of have a review as well!
"Jason Cook previewed his Edinburgh show "The Search for Happiness." The Witham Hall Crowd loved it. The show is bound to be a sure fire success at this year's Edinburgh Festival. The MC for the evening was Graham Oakes who also takes a show to Edinburgh. Another North East comedian to look out for."

That's right. Look out for me.

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