Friday, 6 May 2011

The Yoghurt Filled Photoshoot.

Me and Sean had some photo's taken for our Edinburgh Fringe show publicity. I had the idea of eating some yoghurt's while we had our photo's taken. Why you ask? Here was my thinking:

After much thought I came up with the show name 'Making Life Taste Funny'
Sainbury's slogan is 'Making Life Taste Better'
Muiller have the slogan 'Lick the lid of life', so life = yoghurt.
That makes Sainbury's slogan read 'Making Yoghurt Taste Better' which is quite frankly a very narrow market for such a large store to focus on.

Hence the yoghurt eating.

Our show 'Making Life Taste Funny' is on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 5th - 28th August. The Meeting Room @ The Three Sisters. 12 Midday. Absolutely free.


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