Friday, 6 May 2011

Force Feeding Comedy

Last Friday I had a gig which has quite easily taken the title 'Weirdest Gig Ever' (This title is completely unique to everyone and can be lost to future gigs if they prove to be weirder).

The vlog pretty much sums everything up and is definately worth watching (quite honestly, it's hilarious).

Let me set the scene. Myself, George Zach, Christan Steel and Sean Turner travelled to a small village/street with houses near Penrith. We entered the venue for the evening, a large room in a building behind a hotel. We had a stage, a mic with sound system, lights, balloons and other decorations. It was a cabaret night so their were the appropriate round tables to sit at. It looked to be a good gig exept we were missing one vital component; an audience. 4 people turned up and bought tickets (to get them refuned of course). Whispers were in the air about whether any of us were going to be performing or if we were off home. After a while the organiser decided that we could perform in the dining room of the hotel.

The dining room was filled with diners all of which were there to eat. No one could have expeced that a comedy night was going to start, but it did. Right in their faces. They kept on eating and rightfully so. I'm surprised no one got angry (some people took a long time to smile that's for sure). George and Sean went first and let's just say it went as well as could be expected (I cannot recommend the video enough). Luckily by the second half (yes we had a break, where everyone just carried on doing exactly what they were doing before the 'break' began) Christian was able to win them over and so when I went on things were a little less bleak. After about 6 minutes on stage/corner of carpet it even started to feel like a comedy night with people laughing like I would expect them to. I'm under no allusions that if I went on first I would have not been greeted with the same silence that greeted George, it just so happened that when I went on they were just starting desert and when they finished (probably about 6 minutes in I imagine) I had their attention. I say had their attention, I should probaly say stole. I think by the end of the night most people in the room had come to terms with the fact that they were part of a comedy night whether they liked it or not!

It is definately a night none of us will forget that's for sure.

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  1. Comedy is a genre that people crave for. If you try to emphasize you are an the this is called forced comedy. You are trying to make the audience laugh at a dread joke.


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