Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Burlesque Comedian: A Night of Tassels.

What's this? A blog without a video? What's going on? May has been an interesting month so far in my little comedy world so I thought we could play a bit of catch up!

May 1st: A Night of Varietease. This was an interesting one, I was the only comedian on a bill of variety acts. Little did I know before turning up that most of the variety acts were Burlesque, it turned out to be quite the experience. The girls had asked me the day before if I would mind being in their dance telling me all I had to do was sit oblivious to them reading a magazine. It was only when I arrived and I was told that "you can give us a glance when we start taking our clothes off" that I realised what sort of dance it was. I didn't wear any tassells sadly but lets just say I had some very close to my face. I had people coming up to me in the interval complimenting how well I did to not actually look with one man saying that he would never have been able to do that. What can I say, years of acting has finally paid off.

My set itself went alright. I went on at 23:30 and one lady in the front row was actually nearly asleep. My improvised material went down the best, mainly because it was about burlesque dancing. I was quite handily able to start with "remember me from earlier? yeah, the man sitting reading a magazine. I think other stuff was happening as well". The entire room was definitely up for rudeness so my less family friendly material went down really well, whereas my observational material was greeted with a room filled with smiles but very little laughter. What was I to expect being the only comic performing almost at midnight nearly 3 hours into the night? It was a great laugh nonetheless.

The whole night is a one I won't forget and I can now officially say I have taken part in a Burlesque routine, so that's another tick off my list of life goals.


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