Friday, 18 February 2011

Trying out new material.

I had gig number 14 at Long Live Comedy on Tuesday, and because I performed there twice last month for the Laughing Horse competition I decided I would try out some new material. I of course did what I said I would never do again, and that is try out a set of completely new material without any of the tried and tested material, meaning that I didn't know if any of it was going to be funny. Fellow comedians enjoyed the set but said that I didn't seem comfortable with it. There will be two reasons for that: 1. Having never said it to anyone before and 2. Me thinking 'Will they laugh at this bit? They didn't laugh at that bit, I need to take that out. That got a good laugh. This is taking forever to get to the point, I'm rambling!'

And so I have edited the set down (which I had timed at about 6 minutes originally) keeping all the quality, cutting the not so quality. Of course reading back through the original its easy to see why some points dragged on so much, it had a lot of unnecessary (although interesting) jabbering. You can see a picture above showing a visual representation of how the set looked originally and what I am keeping. The parts that have been cut will not be missed, merely casualties to trial and error. Despite feeling it was a successful set I must try and remember to include material I know that works, at leave that way I can start and leave on a high note, leaving the audience thinking it was a successful set as well.

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