Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"I might just drop my set and talk to the audience"

Saturday night was an interesting gig. Let me set the scene. It was a charity night consisting of singers and comedians. There was also a band (who were about 13) a 45 minute raffle and a number of unnecessary intervals, one of which had a singer playing through it, which made it no different to the first singer as everyone was talking anyway.

Rather than bunch the comedy together, it was spread out over everything. The last comic didn't go on until 11, 3 hours into the night. 80% of the audience was underage, we even had a few children. To top it off the audience was 10 feet away from the stage. Despite all this madness, it was one of the most invigorating gigs I have done yet.

I had planned a good 10 minute set. But before going on I said to the other comics I might just drop it and talk with the audience. Sean mumbled words of doubt, George said I had nothing to loose. I was also told that someone at my previous gig thought I lacked any connection with the audience, which is right, so far I have never deviated from my scripted set to interact with the audience. To be honest, I was dying to try it out.

I enjoyed it a lot. I tried out my new audience interaction punch line, which went down a treat, but I dropped everything else. When I sat back with the comedians the first thing said to me was 'where the hell did that come from?'

Really want to try my hand at being MC. I have had plenty of experience talking to audiences through all the shows, plays, revues I've done as well as the numerous events I've hosted. Want to make an auction entertaining? I'm your man. To MC would be amazing. I feel my opportunity to give it a try is just round the corner.


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