Friday, 14 January 2011

Eyes on the Quarter Final.

Last Saturday I took part in a heat for the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year competition. I got through! Just. You win by audience vote (10 voting sheets in the audience plus a few in the hands of promoters) so I took a good crowd along. My crowd of 11 only got 1 sheet so I don't think they made a massive difference. Anyway, to get through you need to get in the top 4. God knows where I came, not in the top 4 if your wondering. Luckily for me the MC had a selection of Wild Cards that he could use on people who didn't get through but he thought should get through. I fell into that catagory and hence I'm in the Quarter final.

The set itself is pretty refined now. Went down a treat I thought (and everyone I took agreed, of course, I guess they don't count). I have been looking through it this week and there are one or two places it could be improved quite a bit. I have a week to get that sorted. I have got two gigs before that, been working on my 10 minute set (which I have only performed twice), which is basically my 5 minute set plus an extra 5 minutes. Never say I am not educational.


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