Thursday, 2 December 2010

When one gig falls...

When one gig gets cancelled, another one pops up. Thats what seems to have happened these past two weeks.

Last Thursday I was down to do a gig at the Trent House, but that is a confusing story. Basically it's not going ahead quite yet. After learning that gig had fallen through however I got contacted by the owner of Creased Comedy, Simon Buglass, asking if I would like to do a middle slot on the Friday night (Simon used to MC the Trent House but in this instance that is completely unrelated). As I am now going to as much comedy as I possibly can, I was already going to the gig anyway, so it was a no brainer on my part. I was originally going becasue Jason Cook was perfroming (who I see year on year and would recommend to anyone!), but I believe he was double booked and so Andy Fury (who was the MC from the new act night I talked about in my second blog post) filled the spot. The MC of this night was John Smith. I opened the middle section, followed by my friends in comedy Rory McAlpine and George Zach (it was a proffesional night with new acts in the middle).

The show was due to start at 9, but by 8.30 there were only 2 people in the audience. There was heavy snow outside so it was understandable that people were not rushing to watch comedy (in a room which unfortunately was going through a period of broken heating). But by 9.15 we nearly had 20 people, a small crowd but enthusiastic, a great crowd to have, well done crowd. Tried out my newest additions for the second time with good reactions from the audience, did 8 or 9 minutes I would say. Was very pleased with the night. Steffen Peddie rounded out what was a great night of comedy.

I was due to do another gig tonight at The Comedy Pig (or "The Pig Night" as the flyer said haha) at Barkollo but no one turned up (I would imagine due to the insane snow). Luckily I was told it was off before I set off (as I was going for the later part of the evening due to a chinese meal I was attending). I arrived home from my meal to find an invite to do a 5 minute slot on Friday at the Corner House. The snow has cancelled a gig I was going to attend at the Playhouse but has given me another gig in return! When one gig falls another rises, I'm telling you.

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