Thursday, 2 December 2010

Me performing at Long Live Comedy (Why video yourself?)

This is a video of me performing at Long Live Comedy on the 12th October. My Dad said that putting my material online might effect people coming to see me live because they have already seen it, to which I pointed out he was massively overestimating how many people were going to watch the video. He accepted my point.

Why video yourself doing stand up? It helps enormously. It allows you to see what the audience sees. It allows you to see how you are standing, where you are looking and how you are perceived. It allows you to hear what you said, when people laughed and when people didn't laugh. These are all things that are impossible to imagine after a gig. When I am performing I find it hard to recall afterwards which parts were the funniest and which parts were least funny (however you always know if something dies) so being able to watch it back is an invaluable tool. I was able to learn a lot from watching the video of my first gig and I have learnt a lot from this video as well. There is no need to video every gig, but I feel it is useful if you are trying out new material.

Why put the video online? At the end of the day the vast majority of my closest friends have seen me perform already. I do not expect all my other friends to go out of their way to see me live, but I would still like them to see what I am doing. Plus a small majority of people want to come and watch me but can't make it, so these videos are for them as well. I'm a bit too new to have a show reel yet but down the line video is a useful way to show promoters what you can do if they can't see you in person.

In conclusion, videos are great. Enjoy.


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