Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'Inception Review...or is it?' with behind the scenes.

Inception Review...or is it?

Inception - Recreating the Beach Scene (Behind the scenes of the review)

At the time of writing the review is just shy of reaching 700 views on You Tube, whereas the Behind the scenes is just shy of 1800 views! I think this means that more people must be searching for behind the scenes footage from the movie, only to find me lying in the sea! This just shows that if you make a video that is topical with an interesting title people will find it one way or another. I can safely asume despite 1800 people watching it the behind the scenes video is not what people would have been expecting. The review has a large number of 'Likes' and comments, whereas the behind the scenes video has a lot less despite having more views. Facinating.

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