Monday, 18 October 2010

The Grinning Idiot. 3 very different nights.

Dan Willis from the Grinning Idiot invited me along to see one of their shows last night. It was the first 'regular' night I have seen by them, having seen two shows by them before.

Last week I went to see a charity gig run by them. It pretty much followed the same format apart from the punch up in the middle. Yes, someone got slapped, there was quite a lot of palava. Long story short there were people making noise during the acts, no one was happy and they wouldn't leave. They left eventually but not before leaving a mark on someones face. The night was great overall (the acts followed the same listing as a bookable non charity night happening in Sunderland) and included John Scott, George Zach and Gary Delaney. Top quality all round. Gary is a great one-liner act and was fantastic to see him enjoying himself just as much as we were watching him.

My first Grinning Idiot experience involved Michael McIntyre in Sunderland. Me and a large group of friends managed to get tickets for one of his gigs in August. It was great to see him try out material, at one point reading jokes off a piece of paper because they were so new. He just stood in the same place, no skipping or prancing around. It made you realise he isn't all just a massive stage persona, really great to see, and did I mention hilarious? Just fantastic (and just as good as when we saw him at the arena, at a third of the price! Oh and literally 10 feet away, rather than 1000)

And we are back to last night. What a crazy night it was. I mean seriously, insane. I had not seen any of the acts before but was aware they were 'unpredictable'. Charlie Chuck was the first up and went down a treat with his ever so convincing character comedy. Convincing to the point I had to google him to figure out if that was just him or if he played other characters. Charlie Chuck seems to be the most famous, and to say the least he has left a lasting impression.

Keeping the sanity of the night was Barry Dodds and finishing off the gig was Phil Kay. Phil Kay has this unbelievable talent to create comedy out of thin air. Someone I was sitting with (I went alone, but met some very lovely Grinning Idiot regulars who had travelled all the way from Hartlepool) shouted out a heckle which Phil then went onto improvise an entire song around. He truly gives off the impression that none of his sets are the same, you cannot tell what has been said before and what hasn't. Definitely one I want to see again from a comedians perspective, just to see what his 'methods' actually are.

My Hartlepool friends asked me if I try to watch out for things to do and not do when on stage. I think I shall leave this topic for another time, it's late and this post is long enough! Tune in next time...for something else!

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