Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Getting recognised at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

After only doing 3 gigs (not including the couple I did in 2008 :P) I managed to get recognised by a 'fan' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! The chances of me talking to someone who had seen me perform are astronomical (or at least very high)! When you consider that at the most 300 people may have seen me do standup, and the fact that the population of Edinburgh doubles during the fringe (to about 1 million people, so I heard) the chances of me talking to anyone who had seem me are 1 in I don't even know, a crazy number!

We saw many fantastic shows, some of which we go back to see on a yearly basis. Two of my personal favourites I make sure I never miss are Jason Cook and Nick Mohammed, they are worth the trip just on their own! Jasons style of comedy is not only hilarious but from the heart and in past years has invoked many a 'choking up' moment. I go to see his shows again when he performs in Newcastle (he's a Geordie!) I cannot recommend him enough. Nick Mohammed is just pure genius. The best character comedian I have ever seen, he is the only Fringe act I have gone to watch again in the same trip, just genius.

Other standout shows we saw this year were Chris Ramsay (from South Shields, had Jason Cook and Al Murray sitting in the row behind us! Al has a very hearty laugh), Jack Whitehall, The Penny Dreadfuls and Simon Munnery. We of course went to see Jocks and Geordies (with Dan Willis as MC and Simon Donald as the headline, brilliant). We also saw the daytime Best of the Fest (Axis of Awseome were mind blowing, check out their 4 chord song on You Tube! Do it now!) Oh and we also saw a improv comedy 'battle', the one that Keith suggests in the video and doesn't go to see. I think he knew what he letting us in for.

9 shows in 2 days. Cannot wait for next year!


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