Thursday, 8 July 2010

The journey continues.

Note: This was written on the 5th July 2010 after spending a week in London.

Right this second I feel alive. That's a strange thing to say and if taken literally is completely pointless, but it feels necessary. It's the only way I can express the mass number of thoughts speeding through my head. I guess I regularly feel alive in that sense, but this time I thought it was worth mentioning. Not to take anything away from these emotions, I just don't want you to think that because I'm feeling particularly elated now that this moment is the pinnacle of my existence, because that would be a lie and not to mention a very difficult thing to quantify. I'm glad we cleared that up.

I feel excited, about everything. I am excited for the future, I am excited about the present, the past is feeling left out.

I'm writing this travelling back from London (you might have noticed I am quite aware I have over 3 hours to kill) where I have spent the past week exhibiting with my fellow fine artists from Newcastle. Every day has been fantastic, all for different reasons. Being in London seems to have opened my eyes, which is crazy considering I have been studying art for 4 years, but I now feel the potential the world has to offer. I think it may be because I am no longer at university that I am thinking differently. I feel free to explore anything without the oddly constraining feeling of being on tracks. Well this train is taking a different route. Note to self: delete that bit. No, actually let's keep it. This train loves cheese. I should mention I'm on a train. Does it love cheese? I'm sure it does.

Getting back on track and away from the train variety, I feel now when I have an idea I can just run with it. I have great visions of where my future creative practice will lead me. At the centre of this creative world is my online empire, which I was talking to someone today regarding its name; 'go', possibly, maybe not 'go', I will think about that one more. Go arts and go comedy, two wonderful facets of my life which will be married together in beautiful harmony. Let's just hope they don't have kids, websites giving birth just isn’t pretty. Ponder on that.

The exhibition has been amazing, not so much the fact that more people have now seen my art but more the fact that we have created something amazing as a whole. So many of us exhibiting in one massive space has been an experience. I will make sure I post the videos I have taken when I edit them. Now that I have finished university I feel more intrigued and fascinated about other people’s art with a deeper knowledge of where they have come from. Looking around other universities works I was noting down potential collaborations and artists who should exhibit their work on go arts. I feel running go arts post university puts me in a place where I can contact artists of any age and background. Because I am no longer a student I feel like the playing field has been levelled.

Whereas entertaining people through comedy is where I can see myself in the future, I understand now that my art had become stale being created for a restrictive purpose. You can achieve so much through art, you can entertain, intrigue and pretty much make people feel however you want them to. It is a part of me and without art I have certain facets of myself missing. My comedy and my art will complement each other because they reflect who I am. People may see my art in a clearer light because of my stand-up and visa versa. It can of course have a detrimental effect as they can leave a stain on one another just as easily.

The Internet literally places the world at my fingertips. I can communicate my arts to everyone everywhere if they please to take an interest. I have so many avenues to follow it was a bit confusing to imagine how it all fit together, so I have drawn up how I see the world of go linking up. I will post the diagram once I scan it in; it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

I have a clear notion as to where both my comedy and my art are going to progress online and how they will exist together. In the past go arts has taken a reliant approach hoping that people will want to be involved. Like go comedy (which I should mention only exists as the You Tube channel at the moment) I am going to take a more self motivated approach. The idea of curating works and ideas both my own and belonging to others excites me greatly.

Comedy shows the world the inner thoughts of a persons mind. Art shows the world the inner thoughts of a persons mind. The thoughts may be different but the person is the same. The trick is then to get people to see and hear those thoughts.

I graduate tomorrow, exciting time all round.


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